Levels of learning

Gaining access

An entry level course that will offer youth  meaningful engagement in activities that will empower you to make healthy choices that's also socially relevant and practical for employability.

Support management

This 2nd level course will foster the ability to respond and access community-based support for self initiated activities.

Empowering leadership

Third level or the self directed level of courses focus on training in lifelong cooperative learning, mentorship, evidence based initiatives and projects.

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 Get a chance to interact, network and learn from peers who are as young as you and successful dignitaries from various fields. 

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"Good Health a National Priority"

Act On Youth Forum 

Every Friday | 5pm - 6pm

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Young learner’s testimonies

Hear from our young learners to learn about the impact created by Vlead Academy in their lives

Dr. Vijul

Peer Supporter, Haryana

Was given many opportunities to organise live sessions on this platform which made me comfortable in public speaking and event management skills. 

Sher Singh

Peer Leader, Himachal Pradesh

The way we work and the work in itself in the NYIN wellbeing club is commendable and youth the engagement aspect is incomparable. 

Rinki Gupta

Peer Leader,  Haryana

The opportunities I got to speak up in various platforms of NYIN after completing the course on Vlead was highly inclusive and appreciated.


Peer Supporter, Punjab

The live sessions let me interact directly with highly qualified dignitaries from diverse backgrounds which expanded my learning horizon.

Young people like you are change agents who must participate in the policy making process and engage in implementing the desired change and development for all.

You too can become the voice behind a change and work towards building healthier societies.

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