Alcohol use:
Adolescence peer learning

Become an active peer educator who can cater to your
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Harmful alcohol use in early adolescence can lead to adult alcohol abuse and dependence and a greater risk of severe psychiatric and other consequences.

We are working with schools, parents and the community to build an understanding of the short- and long-term risks of alcohol consumption in youth, whilst also aiming to prevent underage sales through retailers. 

We stress that consumption can weaken the immune system making people more susceptible to infections with, and complications from, COVID-19. Alcohol use during teenage years negatively affects two important regions of the brain Hippocampus (affecting memory and learning) and Prefrontal lobe (affecting planning, judgment, decision making, impulse control and language). Evidence shows that the more teenagers delay their alcohol drinking, the less likely they are to become regular consumers, as adults

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Levels of this course

Foundation level (Peer Education )

Eligibility : 15-24 year old students and non students

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Intermediate level (Peer Supporter)

Eligibility : Parents/ Guardians

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Advance level (Peer Leader)

School Teachers , Social Worker, Health Professionals

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About the Instructor

Dr. Mehak Segan
(B.D.S. , MPH, PgD: Health Promotion)
Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Disease Dynamics & Molecular Epidemiology, Amity Institute of Public Health, Amity University, Noida, India.

Dr. Mehak Segan has an experience of more than 5 years and has worked extensively in the Reproductive Health area. She is a passionate educator and focuses on Health advocacy and promotion as a tool for improving Health in community based settings.

What our learners and instructors
say about this course

Nivedita Choudhary
Peer Educator

This course sheds serious awareness on underage drinking. It is also easy to understand as it uses plenty of examples from our day to day lives.

Dr. Grishma Verma
Peer Educator

Motivates through positive reinforcements to quit alcohol consumption and also advices us on how to aware others to quit.

Rajiv Kumar Mishra
Peer Educator

I did not know to mentor young people engaging in underage alcohol drinking and to interpret the seriousness of our national level data on the same, until I completed the course.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, there are many course materials that you can download and save for later reference and once you register access to the course, the content is available for a lifetime.

Students who complete the courses and finish the assignment after the course will receive Certification of graduation as Peer Educator/ Supporter/ Leader. Registered students will also get access to Nada India webinars and live workshops as additional training materials. You can make the most of your learnings by taking the support of Nada India in conducting an impactful field work that involves working with the community/ youth/ government officials etc.

Yes, as a student you have to complete your level i.e. Peer Educator, and with consultation of the course coordinator you can register for further courses. Similarly for Parents/ Guardians and School Teachers , Social Worker, Health Professionals, you can complete the respective courses catering to you and upon consultation with the coordinator you can register for the remaining two.

Yes, there are several internship opportunities to engage with us. Submit your registration form from the contact us page and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Become an active peer educator who can cater to
your community’s health and wellbeing development

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